"Triage" Now Playing!

Don't get left with #FOMO, get your tickets to join the audience of this brand-new theatrical reality show, coming to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, September 22-24, 2017!

Philadelphia Fringe Festival

"Triage" is coming soon to bring a little Cain and Abel to the city of brotherly love! September 22-24, catch the unpredictable reality show during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival at Panorama West Philly (the one on 5213 Grays Ave., not the fancy schmancy Italian restaurant). Buy tickets here.

Let's get this mess sorted!

Triage is all about putting things in their proper place. If you like all things in your life just so, this post-apocalyptic reality show is for you!


From the manic mind of Anna Bennett comes this immersive and unpredictable performance. All the doomsday prepping in the world can’t prepare these contestants for what the host has coming.